How do I refund someone if they/the course has to cancel?

Course ticket purchases can be seen on the ‘Bookings received’ tab on your dashboard menu.  On this page you can select ‘Refund’ from the Actions button against each user you wish to refund. 

If you wish to refund all ticket holders (should you have to cancel a course for instance) then use the ‘Your courses’ menu item – under this heading, the ‘Actions’ button against the relevant course contains the option to perform a ‘mass refund’. 

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Are there any fees? What about for free courses?

There are no fees for doctors.  We incur transaction fees and we cover these and our running costs via  processing fees on paid bookings.  Free courses currently have no fee for listing or boo ...

How do I maximise interest in my course?

You can have your course ‘featured’ – paid-for positioning so it is always at the top on the website and in the app. You should make your course listing relevant, concise but ensure it contain ...

How do I register as a course provider?

Use the link on the homepage or go to the ‘course organiser’ tab on the top menu and find the same link on there to register as a course organiser.  You’ll need an email and your organisation ...
Contains walk through video

How do I upload a course?

Log in to your account and you’ll be on your organiser dashboard with a menu on the left.  On this menu under COURSE/CONTENT ADMIN select ‘Create new’ and follow the prompts.  Fields marked ...

My organisation is multi-site, can I register each site?

Yes – your login info (black button, top right) tells you to which organisations you belong.  In most cases this will only be one unless you work for different course providers.   On the left me ...

What kind of courses can I upload?

We list face to face courses, live or pre-recorded webinars/online events, and host e-learning/on demand material (for once a webinar etc is finished, if you want it to still be available as a resour ...

When do I receive the revenue from ticket sales and how?

5 days after the date of the course(s) has passed we will pay you in our next payment run and you will receive the full sales proceeds minus our fees.  You will need to have a bank account registe ...
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