MediConf Level 3 Bruising in Children? Non-Accidental Injury

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13th Jul 2022
2 hrs cpd
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Bruising in Children? Non-Accidental Injury Having bruises can be a normal part of childhood but it can also be a sign of abuse. So, how can we tell the difference and what actions do we need to take if we suspect abuse?
n this Level 3 training I will cover:

1. Recognition of the pattern of ‘everyday bruising’ in children

2. Recognition of how inflicted bruising in children differs from everyday bruising

3. How to record your findings

4. Understanding the notion of a ‘sentinel injury’ in child maltreatment

5. Other non-accidental injuries and cutaneous mimics

6. The effects of COVID lockdown on the incidence of bruising and its recognition

7. The developmental consequences of physical abuse and chastisement in childhood

8. Where to find evidence-informed guidance on bruising in children

9. What action to take when you are considering or suspecting child maltreatment (NICE CG89)

10. Where to obtain advice when you are concerned about a child with a bruise

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Session 1
19:30 - 20:15
Break and Promotional Presentation
20:15 - 20:45
Session 2
20:45 - 21:30
Dr Yasmin Husain
Yasmin has been practicing as a GP for 25 years.
She designs bespoke presentations depending on the audience and their safeguarding learning requirements. She understands the learning needs of Primary Care Staff through conducting Safeguarding reviews into adult and child deaths and cases of neglect.
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